ST. CLOUD (WJON News)  -- Some fee increases could be coming for St. Cloud residents starting next year.

The 2024 city budget includes a proposal for fee increases for the stormwater utility and the refuse/recycling utility.

Stormwater expenses have been increasing with construction, equipment costs, and regulatory requirements. The city says there are over $70 million in stormwater-related improvements needed.

City staff is recommending increasing the fee by one dollar per month to the fixed rate for the next five years. The monthly fee in 2024 would be $7.80 and by 2028 that would be up to $11.80 per month.

For the refuse/recycling fees, the pass-by-fee would go up from $7.30 a month this year to $9.30 a month next year, the compost permit would go up from $25 this year to $30 next year, and the yard waste bag fee would increase from $1.25 now to $1.50.

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During its meeting on Monday night, the St. Cloud City Council is expected to set the public hearing on the fee increases for December 18th.


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