I didn't understand the last time this happened, and I kind of don't really understand it again.

A year and a half ago when the pandemic first began, people were panic shopping.  There were no cleaners to be found, there was no hand sanitizer around, people were hoarding toilet paper.  It was just chaos.  I do wonder what people did with all of that toilet paper.  Who had room for all of that??

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Anyway, we are entering into the next phase of this pandemic, apparently.  The Delta Variant is a thing.  And people are starting to panic buy again. It's the pandemic combined with the drought.  People are concerned they are going to run out of certain things... like bottled water. And now Costco is having to limit the amount that people can purchase.  They did try this after they figured out that people were panic buying the last time, but then they would just have a few people come in and buy separately.  There's always a way around "rules".

The toilet paper has become a big purchase too.  How fast does a normal family run through toilet paper?  One of those big packs will probably last 4-6 months.  But a bigger family wouldn't last as long, but you've got to assume it would be a couple of months.  Where would you store 4-6 giant packs of toilet paper??

According to Best Life Online this pattern is happening all over, not just Costco.

Costco may not be the only retailer facing this issue, however. On Aug. 12, data organization Inmar Intelligence released results from a recent survey about customers' plans to shop amid the current COVID surge. Out of the 1,000 survey respondents, 69 percent said they are planning to stock up soon on items such as toilet paper, paper towels, and hand sanitizer. And 75 percent also reported that they have already seen product shortages while shopping recently.

Didn't we learn from the last time... no one needs this much toilet paper, cleaners, hand sanitizer or water.  Again, I ask... where do you store it???  Let's all just calm down a bit, Ok?

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