You might be itching to do some yard work this weekend since temperatures might hit 50 degrees on Saturday--helping to melt more snow. You can buy St. Cloud Compost permits right now but the facility doesn't officially open until April 1. Permits vary in pricing depending on what type you get.


Permit Costs

  • $25 for an R1 permit for City residents who use city recycling
  • $35 for an R2 permit for city residents who don't use city recycling
  • $45 for an NR permit which covers residents of neighboring towns
  • $5 to replace a lost or stolen permit

They accept grass clippings, leaves and tree waste. But, there are some items that they do NOT accept.

Not acceptable

  • Construction wood
  • dimensional lumber
  • wood pallets
  • stumps
  • whole tree logs
  • yard waste with rocks, metal, concrete, polystyrene foam animal feces, food scraps, or other foreign material

St. Cloud Composite will be open from April 1 through November 23. The are closed for Good Friday, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day and Veterans Day. You can check out more details on the City's website.

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