ST. CLOUD -- Hundreds gathered today to walk in unity and respond with love despite the September 17th, Crossroads Center stabbing that left 10 people hurt.

The walk started at the St. Cloud Public Library with people chanting "The people united, will never be divided" and came to an end on the steps of the Stearns County Courthouse.

For others this unity reminded them of other times St. Cloud chose to stay united. Mohamud Mohamed, a member of St. Cloud Area Somali Salvation Organization recalled how 15 years ago, six days after 9/11, he along with others organized a unity rally. Now years later Mohamed is standing on the same steps once again.

Community Members marching up towards Stearns County Courthouse. Rebecca David, WJON

"This will bring a positive reminder to the hearts of the people. The community was united back then and it will stay united" says Mohamed.

Jane Odgers has lived in the area for 25 years, she says it's time people mingle with others that don't look like them.

"Well, I think it's really important that we mingle a little bit more with people that don't look exactly like us. So we can understand what their needs are, and what their wants are. So we can build a community that's striving, happy, and peaceful" says Odgers.

Despite it being chilly, the community braved the cold and showed why together they are stronger.

The walk was put on by the Somali-American relations Council. Organizer Ahmed Said, says everyone knows what happened in the recent weeks in St. Cloud, and he believes one incident cannot divide the community.

Blue t-shirts were handed out to people, that read united in Spanish, Somali and English (Unidos, Midnimo, and United) and before people departed a unity statement was read in all three languages.

Central Minnesota is a strong, resilient community. We've walked together to support one another and continue building a common future.

Hundreds walk the streets for Unity Walk. Rebecca David, WJON