Build-A-Bear Workshops had to be shut down across the country due to incredibly high demand during a Pay-Your-Age promotion, and now Chuck E. Cheese wants in on it as well.


Head in to any participating Chuck E. Cheese location on Friday, July 13th, pay your child's age and they will get 30 minutes of All You Can Play games, no meal purchase required! The regular Play Pass is $9 for 30 minutes with the purchase of a meal, so if your kids are under the age of 9 you will be saving a couple bucks. Not a bad way to get out of the house to start the weekend. Also much better than waiting in line for hours on end. See the details on the promotion on Chuck E. Cheese Facebook Page.

Missed out the debacle that was the Build-A-Bear promotion at the Mall of America? Relive it without having to deal with the actual crowds here! 

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