Even with their amazing 9% rise in sales over the holiday shopping season, Best Buy has decided to close all of their Best Buy Mobile locations. All 250 stores across the country will be shutting down by the end of May, most of which are found in shopping malls. There are 11 different Best Buy Mobile stores in Minnesota, seven across the Twin Cities, as well as Rochester, Mankato, and Duluth. The St. Cloud Best Buy Mobile is found inside Crossroads Mall near JC Penny and Caribou Coffee.


So if they are making money, why are they closing? Most of the small stores only account for 1% of Best Buy's overall sales and the company wants to consolidate. Plus most are within three miles of a big box Best Buy, so consumers won't have to go far for a bigger store with more options. Best Buy said that mobile phones were one of the biggest drivers of sales over the holidays, as well as gaming, appliances and smart home equipment. It's a scary thought that even with good sales, stores can still shut down.


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