ST. CLOUD (WJON News) -- A St. Cloud production company has produced a series of videos that they hope will one day be part of the school curriculum across the country.

Anderson Hughes Productions recently held the premier of its social and emotional learning video series titled "That Feeling When...K12".

Co-founder Brady Hughs says the idea of creating the series came to them after a school shooting. They spent the next year and a half developing the concept for the videos.

Anderson Hughes Productions
Anderson Hughes Productions

He says kids engage more on their phones than they do in person, and they want to take that issue on.

Somebody walks out of a bathroom and they are having a hard time, maybe they are in tears, and their friend texts the group and asks what's wrong with so-and-so instead of putting their arm around them and saying let's take a lap around the school and talk about what's going on.  We're finding children and teens are becoming more isolated even though they are surrounded by people they know.

Co-founder Rick Anderson says the video series is designed for school-age audiences and features Minnesota actors of all age groups.

In these discussions that take place, a lot of times the students see themselves in one of the characters but they wouldn't normally admit that or talk about it but they can say I'm kind of like that.

Anderson Hughs Productions is continuing to produce more content in the series and they have videos for elementary, middle school, and high school-age kids.

Anderson Hughs Productions
Anderson Hughs Productions

The series is written and directed by Lydia Dullinger who graduated from Sartell-St. Stephen High School. After graduation, she moved to Hollywood and worked on productions like ABC TV's Modern Family.

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District 74 and three or four other districts are using the videos as part of their curriculum right now. The goal is to sign up more districts across the country moving forward.


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