UNDATED -- Primary Election results from Tuesday.

For St. Cloud Mayor incumbent Dave Kleis received 61 percent of the vote and will face Steven Schiller in the November election who had the second most votes with 16 percent.

For St. Cloud City Council the top six candidates with the most votes are Carol Lewis with 18 percent, George Hontos with 16 percent, Hassan Yussuf with 16 percent, Jeff Goerger with 15 percent, Buddy King with nine percent, and Natalie Ratha with eight percent.

For Stearns County District 1 incumbent Leigh Lenzmeier got 50 percent of the vote and will face Jeff Johnson in the general election who received 39 percent of the vote.

For Benton County District 1 Scott Johnson has 55 percent of the vote, right now Christopher Winkelman has 21 percent and a close third is Christine Scherbing with 19 percent. Ninety-six percent of the vote is counted so far in this race.

In the 7th Congressional District for the Republican race, Michelle Fischbach received 59 percent of the vote ahead of Dave Hughes with 22 percent.  Fischbach will now take on incumbent Democrat Collin Peterson in November.

The Minnesota Secretary of State's office says about 135,000 ballots were cast in the primary.

Absentee and mail-in ballots for the primary election can still be counted through Thursday. All ballots cast by mail had to be postmarked no later than Tuesday.  The final tallies won't be official until all of those votes are counted as well.

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