It probably doesn't seem like spring is right around the corner, considering we're in a Winter Storm Watch tonight. But, that's not stopping baseball fans from the excitement of baseball spring training!

The first spring training game of the 2019 season is Thursday in Florida. The Mariners take on the Athletics. It's a 2:05 p.m. game. The Twins play their first spring training game on Saturday against the Orioles at 12:05 p.m.


When I was a kid I lived briefly in Florida. We loved spring training games because they were cheap and you got to see so many different baseball teams. It was great. The weather was perfect for baseball.

Guys, when baseball starts up, it can only mean that good weather will soon follow. So, grab a bag of peanuts, crank up the heat in your house and figure out how to stream the spring training games online. You can pretend it's summer from the comfort of your couch. #GoTwinkies

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