C'mon, Minnesota...we're better than that!

My wife Katie and I are passionate advocates of Minnesota's craft beer scene. For nearly a year we've been running a beer adventure blog with the goal of visiting every brewery and taproom in the state. At latest count, that number was up to about 170-ish; we've visited about half of those.

Along the way, we've collected mementos -- a glass, a t-shirt, a sticker. For us, it's not only something to remember a particularly memorable taproom or experiences by, but also a way to show our appreciation for the people working there and their hard work. On one occasion, I remember, we were with someone who wanted a glass for himself and half-joking suggested taking one. I was shocked: "Do people actually do that?" Apparently, they do -- swiping glasses from a brewery is a common occurrence, it turns out.

It's only been three weeks since Little Thistle Brewing opened their doors in Rochester, but apparently they're already dealing with the issue of stolen glassware. A recent post to Facebook pleaded: "please quit friggin’ stealing..."

This is the deal. We’re a small business. We built this brewery with our own sweat, and we paid for this glassware ourselves. Even if you think you’re only 1 person and it’s only 1 glass, you and 1000 other people have STOLEN. I watched someone tuck a glass into his baby’s car seat. Lifted the blanket and put the stolen glass in with his baby.

If you want to #supportlocal, come in and BUY stuff. We don’t have corporate sponsors. We don’t have buckets of money. It’s just a mom, dad, and 2 kids...please don’t steal from us!

We love you Rochester!

My heart goes out to Little Thistle. Their journey hasn't been easy, and when they most deserve approval and appreciation for their work, selfish and ungracious acts -- even as "small" as taking a glass -- are un-called for.

Don't be one of those people. Support local, and be a class act. Always.

From stolen glassware to exploding cans, there seems to be a streak of unfortunate incidents at Minnesota breweries lately!

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