Students across the state of Minnesota are distance learning amid the COVID-19 pandemic. If you've ever wondered what students are doing to keep themselves busy, just ask DJ Avenson, a 7th grader at South Junior High School.

Avenson created a monopoly board all about South and called it "Southopoly". The board game features school landmarks like, 'secret hallway', '7th grade hallway', 'the lunchroom', and various teacher's classrooms around the board.

Be careful, instead of jail you might get sent to the principal's office. There's also a chance you could end up paying the dreaded, 'field trip tax'.

The St. Cloud Area School District shared a photo of the elaborate game board on their Facebook page. Since being posted, Avenson's Southopoloy board has generated hundreds of reactions.

Krista Kunkel wrote, "I love this!! Great job DJ! I love the attention to detail! My room next to the secret hallway! She is so creative!"

Ruth Johnson commented, "WOW!! Love your creativity and artistic talent!! Great job and fun project idea, DJ!!"

Lynda Pullins weighed in, "This is amazing! Great job!"

Now the question remains, how can we all get our hands on a copy of the Southopoloy board?!


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