And I am NOT mad about it. Armyworms. Tent Caterpillars. Malacosoma disstria. Gross. What ever you want to call them I have yet to see a one in Central Minnesota this year. Usually by the middle of May they are clinging to my car, covering sides of houses, and carpeting golf course greens. I hate the creepy crawly things, and because they are an invasive species they wreak havoc on yards, wooded areas, and farmer's fields.


But this year, I haven't seen a single one and it is almost June! The last time there was no invasion was 2016, so maybe its an every other year thing. The species peaks every 10-15 years with the last huge surge being 2001-2002 and then again in 2012. They are migratory animals so the harsh cold winter we had probably didn't slow them down. Maybe this is just the biggest lull year ever and we should enjoy it while it lasts!

Kitten Season is way cuter than Armyworm Season! 

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