Who would do such a thing? Who would take your personal information and use it for their personal gain? The answers may shock you. It could be an ex, a cousin, a close friend. They may use your identity to make purchases in your name, if they have bad credit themselves. They may even pay the bill so they can keep using your line of credit. Unless you are keeping an eye on your credit report, you may never know. Until one day, their spending gets out of control, and you start receiving collection calls.


  • Tax related theft happens when someone uses your social security number, or possibly those of your children. You won't find out until you try to file your tax return and they say the number has already been filed on.
  • Protect your social security number. Even when people ask for this, it's important that you take steps to not just GIVE it to someone. They may use it themselves, or if they have access to many people's social security numbers, they may sell them to others for a fee.
  • Data Breeches- If you've been the victim of a data breech, it's important to watch your credit scores and learn how to protect yourself by clicking HERE.
  • If you suspect you've been scammed,  contact the IRS.
  • Don't carry your social security cards. Keep them in a locked location where there is no access.
  • If you've given someone your information, but regretted it later, it's also wise to inform a credit reporting agency like Equifax. Just call them at 1.88.525.6285, and they will notify the other agencies.