Having had worked in the Twin Cities On-Air and just living there I always said It's one of the best music cities in the nation. It was a night that I experienced a British/Irish/Scottish Invasion of music.

Having Snow Patrol come through was a long awaited treat and what a way to get a treat than on Halloween. The Irish/Scottish five piece have sold over 11 million albums and have treated our ears to great singles like Chasing Cars, Called in In the dark and Run just to name a few.

Mark Alan

Gary Lightbody (singer) has such a smooth voice that really has been a big part of the bands success. The other band members are also credited with the songwriting duties  Nathan Connolly (guitarist), Paul Wilson (bass), Jonny Quinn (drums) and Tom Simpson (keyboards) also Jacknife Lee who had a lot to do with the producing and programming of the album, 'Fallen Empires.'

The Halloween performance was everything one could expect from the band, there was even a breakout of ,"I've got a feeling" (Black Eye Peas) during a performance. They featured a lot of different lights, videos on the backdrop all of which added a little spice to the show.

I, myself didn't know what to expect from the show but knowing what i know now and seeing what I did I would be kicking myself had i missed it

They literally had the crowd on their feet and several songs had the crowd singing the music. What a thrill that must be when your fans know and appreciate all you do. Thank you Snow Patrol for making our night. Two thumbs up!!

Mark Alan



Also in appearance were Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds which I felt had sound problems, it was just too loud and Roy Wilkins Auditorium isn't conducive with great acoustics. They did perform some songs from Oasis and it's always good to see artists that have made an impact in the music industry.


Mark Alan

The opener was a new up and coming artist Jake Bugg who performed songs off his self-titled album as a solo with his acoustic guitar and had a very unique sound and came off as well accepted. It's always refreshing to hear new material. His new album is number one in the U.K. and available in the United States.