No question this is the James Bond of all Bond films because your getting the essence of old Bond mixed with the new.

Great story line, lots a good action and ,of course; the love scenes (what would a Bond film be without that,right?).

I can't think of a better Bond movie to celebrate 50 years and 23 episodes of Bond than with 'Skyfall', wow!

Daniel Craig is back as the lead with some familiar cast members and not so familiar.

The film also  Bardem ( Raoul Silva), Naomi Harris (Miss Moneypenny), Judi Dench (M), Ralph Fiennes' (Gareth Mallory) and Ben Whishaw (Q)  in a story where Bond investigates an attack on MI6 Headquarters by ex-operative Roaul Silva.

This unfortunately is the last of seven Bond films for the great Judi Dench in which her character role was 'M', however; the show must go on as will the James Bond series.

A must see to just to watch James Bond kick some serious butt and without some of the old gadgets from previous Bond films. Watch and listen closely as there is some drops of old.

Adele is the newest performer that got the nod for the, "Skyfall" theme song in which she co-wrote. The film is featured at the Parkwood Cinemas in Waite Park and shows in a  couple different theaters there (click on the link for showtimes).

For more in the know efore you go watch the review by my brother Brett Martin. Brett is a long-time member of the BFCA (Broadcast Film Critics Association). He has interviewed nearly every A-list movie star in the past 10 years.

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