You hear people say it all the time, "what do you get for the person who has everything?"

Sin In A Tin, that's what.  File this blog under your gifts bookmark tab for later, because whoever you gift this to (unless they hate chocolate and yummy and goodness) will be happy to receive it.

I happened across this dessert while on my vacation down in Florida.  The host where we were saying took a tin our of her fridge and said, "Lucy, you MUST try this."  Who can say no to delicious chocolate?  Not me and my midwestern appetite for all things indulgent, so indulge I did and man is Sin In A Tin GOOD.

Lucy / Townsquare Media

This confection is based on an old French recipe and each Sin In A Tin is handmade with natural ingredients.  The chocolate is so rich that you only need a taste, although, once it hits your lips, you might be hard pressed to stop until you find yourself licking the tin.  What?!  Don't judge!

In fact, my friend Terry sent her tin home with me, because she loves it so much she fears having it readily available in her home.  She told me that some day if she goes missing, we'll probably find her hiding in a corner somewhere with Sin In A Tin all over her face.

If chocolate isn't your thing, Guthrie's also offers another dessert called Lemon Lust.