Over the weekend a video started going viral about a bar offering "Angel Shots" on their menu. And no this isn't some heavenly drink recipe.

An Angel Shot is what a girl can order if they are on a date and feel threatened. There is a certain system that bar tenders are made aware of to help the woman out of her bad date, and get her safely out of the bar.

- Ordering an Angel Shot Neat lets the bar tender know that the woman wants to be escorted to her vehicle by a staff member.

- Ordering an Angel Shot on the Rocks lets the bar tender know she wants a cab called for her.

- Ordering an Angel Shot with Lime lets the bar tender know that the woman wants the police called.

Typically a sign with the "Angel Shot menu" are posted in the women's restroom. In bars that have started using this system the situation is handled discretely and lets the women know they are in good hands. The end goal is to allow the bar to be a safe space for people to go on dates and have a good time.

Do you think St. Cloud bars and restaurants should start using this system? Voice your opinion in the poll below!

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