SARTELL -- The Sartell City Council will look to approve a few changes to several city ordinances, including short-term rentals, during Monday meeting.

The current ordinance doesn't allow short-term rental stays in residential neighborhoods. Staff has been working with the Planning Commission and Economic Development Commission since November to clear up the language to allow short-term rentals in residential neighborhoods with the proper State and County license and permits.

Updates include a $125 home occupation initial registration fee and an $80 renewal fee per year. Also temporary guests are only allowed to stay up to 30 days.

Another ordinance update for consideration would be to allow residents to raise honeybees in their neighborhood. Property owners could have between 2-8 hives, which would coincide with the acreage of the lot. Each property owner must also register with the city and renew their permit each year.

A public hearing will be held before action is taken by the city council.