Ok- the napkins will be provided, but you know nothing goes together like cold ice cream on a hot summer day.  Or if you are like me... Tuesday.  Ice Cream is one of my favorite summer treats (or anytime, really).

There is an ice cream shop in Stillwater called Nelson's Ice Cream that has been around for almost 100 years!  They opened in 1923 in Stillwater, Minnesota.  They have kept the tradition of giant ice cream cones alive through to today.  If Stillwater is too far for you to travel for some of this chilly deliciousness, they also have a sister store "Nellie's" in St. Paul located on Snelling Avenue.

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The location in St. Paul is known for their custom ice cream sandwiches.  They have several flavors of cookies and ice cream so you can concoct your own creation.

Some of the best creations of ice cream come from mixing and matching flavors into one giant cone or you can also choose to get a bowl if you prefer.  That is probably the route that I could go, but looking at their website it seems the choices are endless.

If you have a celebration coming up, they even cater!  You might have to have your party a little closer to the ice cream shop... but it's probably worth it! If they cater your event, looks like they take care of everything - even a freezer!  Very necessary.

They have a facebook page too where you can start drooling over those pictures of yumminess.

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