On Wednesday (April 25), Shawn Mendes invited fans to "Watch live now x" on Twitter, with a link to shawnmendesthealbum.com and a video stream deriving from the pop star's YouTube channel.

At time of writing, there appears to be two painters working on a piece we can't see in a warehouse, but we have no idea what it is or what else the "Lost In Japan" singer has up his sleeve. Though Mendes hasn't dropped any clues as to what the end game is here, and most of the replies on Twitter are those of utter confusion, some fans have theories.

"Frank Ocean had a livestream exactly like this. In black and white and in a workshop type of area like this. Eventually music would play and then Frank came in the livestream and started working on something and it turned out to be a visual album. I see you @ShawnMendes," one fan predicts.

Another points out you can hear music playing faintly in the background, tweeting: "We can hear a new song of SM3 in the background Put headphone to hear it."

Mendes released the video for "In My Blood" just yesterday (April 24). Watch the mysterious live stream below and try to figure out what's happening.


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