Shawn Mendes gave fans an intimate comparison to his and Camila Cabello's romantic relationship, which involved the film, Avatar.

During a pre-concert Q&A session, one fan asked if he could describe their relationship in one word, what it would be.

"You know the movie Avatar?" he asked the crowd in response to the question. "You know when they’re in front of Eywa, the tree? That’s like how Camila and I are."

Basically, the scene he's referring to is where Jake and Neytiri become intimate for the first time. The alien species in the film, the Na'vi, have intercourse by entwining hypersensitive tendrils located in their hair.

On a sweeter note, he told the fans something that he hasn't even told his girlfriend. "I never told Camila this but there was a time, before we started dating, where I was like... I didn’t know what to do, if I should tell her how I feel," he confessed. "Then I was driving down the street and right in the moment when I was like ‘I’m just not gonna tell her.’ I passed a street that said 'Camila.'

Watch his Q&A session, below.


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