We love surprising teachers that make a difference in the lives of their students by shining the spotlight on them and recognizing their greatness. Making sure they know what they do makes a difference in the lives of others and it doesn't go unnoticed. We love surprising them with a gift basket full of goodies from Harvest Bread Co., Coyote Moon Grille, Concrete Image Salon, Clutch Take and Bake Pizza and a beautiful award from All-Star Trophy and Awards.

This week's teacher of the week is Shannon Girard from Rocori Middle School. We surprised her with this honor and it brought tears to her eyes. Her mother, and the woman that nominated her for the award were there with us.

Here is the letter that was submitted by Julie Kleve:

Shannon is a special education teacher at Rocori Middle School, She does not teach her children to be special needs. She teaches them to have pride in what they accomplish and make them want more in that process. They look forward to coming to school to learn. She has brought the program many useful tools she has learned and the students love her for it. She is a fair teacher not one to let some fall behind. She truly gives a lot of herself. She even takes all the pictures for the school’s yearbook. She gives a lot of her own personal time. I believe Shannon should win this award, She also teaches golf and volleyball. She gives her all and I hope she can be rewarded this honor.

Julie Kleve

Thank you Shannon Girard for making a difference in these students lives.

Shannon Girard students

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