The first week of quarantine I totally let myself go in terms of my diet. I was cooking with lots of butter, eating carbs like it was my full time job, snacking on little bags of chips and making cookies on the regular. Basically, I was eating my feelings because I'm a stress snacker.

But, I realized pretty quickly how tired and gross I was starting to feel. I'd get migraines mid to late afternoon every day and by dinner my stomach would be super upset. I decided it was time to start watching my diet more closely and make sure vegetables were worked in my daily routine.

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There's a website called Zippa that created a way to help you determine about how much weight you'll gain at home in quarantine. Let's be real, many of us are surfing Netflix on the couch with cookies and chips--weight gain in inevitable for some.

The site is pretty cool, you just enter in a few pieces of information about your daily habits and it'll give you a rough calculation of how much weight you may gain during COVID-19 while you're sheltering in place.

It'll ask you how many days you're expected to be in quarantine, if you exercise regularly, whether you snack while you work, what is your snack of choice and what are you drinking all day. After answering those questions, it'll spit out a number for you.

Who knows, your number might just scare you into eating broccoli for dinner tonight.

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