ST. CLOUD - Students at St. Cloud State University are gearing up for Super Tuesday.

Both the College Republicans and the College Democrats student organizations have been working to educate other students on the upcoming state caucuses tomorrow (Tuesday) known as Super Tuesday.

The College Democrats have been door knocking, talking with students about which candidates they support and setting up tables around campus to answer questions students might have about the caucus or election process.

Both the College Republicans and College Democrats have been working together to ensure students are educated on the how the caucus works and how they can get involved.

Each group has remained open as to which presidential candidate they would endorse. President of the College Democrats Britton Mikkelsen says

"overwhelmingly students support Bernie Sanders, as far as the College Democrats go we have not supported [endorsed] a candidate."

President of the College Republicans Kayla Shelley says

"we do not officially endorse any candidates, for the presidential election we've been hearing a lot of people planning to caucus for Marco Rubio and for congressional Tom Emmer."

On each side students have different concerns and issues they'd like candidates to address.

Shelley says students want to support a candidate that is aware of racial issues, constitutional rights and college education cost.

The issues are similar on the democratic side, Mikkelsen says many students have concerns over healthcare and student dept which have led them to gravitate toward supporting Sanders.

Caucuses will be held based on your where you live within your county. For students that live in the residential halls at St. Cloud State caucuses will be held in Atwood Memorial Center. All caucuses begin statewide at 6:30 p.m. tomorrow (Tuesday).