As you have probably heard by now Chad Taylor is leaving our Mix family to pursue some pretty awesome things in Iowa. I'm so extremely happy for Chad, but also very sad to see him go!

I met Chad when I was an intern on the Mix morning show. I remember his first day on the show he told me how much he enjoyed boy bands and shopping. We were instant friends.


Chad really pushed me to go outside of my comfort zone, sending me out on the streets to do a few radio bits for the show. He probably doesn't remember this, but one time I went to Cash Wise and asked random people what they thought made a man sexy or attractive for a radio segment. How is that for an ice breaker? The responses were pretty funny and it definitely helped me break out of my shell.

Chad believed in me and gave me a chance to develop my personality on the air when he called me up one day to hire me on full time. I remember his exact words were, "we want to bring you home." Home is exactly what Mix has been for me over the years and Chad has been a mentor to me and like family.

I'm really going to miss his sweet daughter Macy who has graced us with her presence from time to time always making sure to stop in and say hi to me whenever she was in the building. She would always leave positive notes on my desk reminding me to have a good day.

His wife Tracy has given me great life advice through the years! When I was stressed out planning for my wedding last year, she had some pretty solid advice for me that really made me stop and appreciate the planning process. She told me to not worry about making the day perfect for everyone else and just focus on making it perfect for Dave and I.

It's going to be really hard to say goodbye tomorrow, but I'm so grateful for having the opportunity to get to know Chad and his amazing family. Good luck with your next chapter, Chad! Your Mix family is rooting for you!

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