You may have heard us talking about this on the show last week - The Jade Egg. I had never EVER heard of a "Jade Egg" before our show.

Gwyneth Paltrow was promoting a "Jade Egg" on her website GOOP. The website claims the Jade Egg can cultivate sexual energy, balance your cycle, and more.

Well...A gynecologist is now blasting Gwyneth for selling them, saying that the health benefits are completely overblown, and that the Jade Egg can actually be dangerous, leading to infections.

The gynecologist does not think that walking around holding this "egg" is a good idea, and calls it, "The biggest load of garbage I have read on your site since vaginal steaming." She also says that the idea that a Jade Egg can balance hormoes is , "Simply, biologically impossible." The gynecologist said she doesn't know what "Female Energy" actually is.

She pointed out that since the Jade Egg is porous, bacteria can get inside it, putting users at risk for bacterial vaginosis and the deadly toxic shock syndrome.

If you read her entire post, by clicking HERE, there are many more potential negatives that positives but; the expert opinion is: these things are NOT a good idea. Users? You've been warned.

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