It's the season to be thankful, and we're thankful for the food service staff at Sauk-Rapids-Rice Public Schools.

The staff there have a busy job keeping up with meal preparation and packaging for their students each week. And, they're still finding time to add a personal touch to each meal.

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The Sauk Rapids-Rice school district shared photos to their Facebook page on November 23rd showing what goes on behind the scenes.

The food service staff have been creatively decorating their paper bags to add a little personal touch to each meal. According to the district's social media page, "they try to send day brighteners to our ISD 47 students and families on the paper bags."

Some of their designs include the school's logo, flowers, snowmen, suns and well wishes. One bag reads, "Be kind, be safe, be well." These bags resemble homemade greeting cards. The designs are all different. It's lunch with a smile.

The lunch bags have been very well received by people online. The post has had dozens of reactions.

Lucas John wrote, "Thanks for being awesome!!!"

Evora Sorokie commented, "What an awesome idea. Thank you for all you do for our students."

Jill Ann said, "Aww, so cool! I would love to steal your idea for Mhes (Mississippi Heights Elementary School)."

Bernice Thell wrote, "The lunch ladies miss the students. They are very special."

One thing is for sure, the students are lucky to have staff that care so much! In this time of uncertainty and self isolation, it's great to see little rays of sunshine.

Putting the pick-me-up on the pick-me-ups. Food service staff are busy getting meals ready each week, but if there's...

Posted by Sauk Rapids-Rice Public Schools on Monday, November 23, 2020


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