SAUK RAPIDS (WJON News) -- We're down to the final four in the Sauk Rapids-Rice DECA Burger Battle.

Advisor Kayla Schlichting says you can taste the four burgers for yourself next week at Molitor's Quarry Bar and Grill.

The four burgers are:
Mighty Mac Meltdown - a buffalo mac & cheese burger

Egg-Cellent Maple Burger - a breakfast burger with hashbrowns, a cinnamon egg-washed bun, and an egg cooked to your liking

Pickle-Licious Bacon Bomb - It originated from a pickle rollup, so deep-fried pickles, cream cheese, and bacon

Nacho-licious Beefy Burger - Nachos, jalapenos, and crushed tortilla chips.

In the final four round the burgers will be judged primarily on sales but there will also be a feedback survey to make sure customers think the burger tastes good.

The burgers will be sold Tuesday, January 16th through Thursday, January 18th with the top two advancing to the following week.

Fifty percent of the burger sales will be donated to Tanner's Team Foundation.

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The Sauk Rapids-Rice DECA Burger Battle started with 56 different burger ideas created by the students. They were evaluated on things like profit margins, feasibility, creativity, and potential sales.

The winning burger will be featured on the Molitor's menu for at least one year.


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