Say it isn't so! The Coborn's in Sauk Rapids replaced their iconic revolving doors with...regular doors. They've been busy doing some renovations to the store. I made a stop the other day to grab a birthday cake for my husband, and something didn't seem right.

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I walked all the way back to the bakery before it hit me. "WHERE ARE THE REVOLVING DOORS?!"

The store has had those revolving doors for as long as I can remember. My grandma and I would go grocery shopping together when she'd babysit me as a kid. Those doors were my childhood. I remember running up to them and making them stop on people all of the time (it was probably extremely annoying to the other customers...but I was 5). As a young kid, they were the coolest doors ever. I remember being in awe of them and loved how they worked.

So, no, they weren't just doors for many of us...they were home and memories of childhood. It's sad to see them go, but the renovations look pretty cool. RIP Coborn's revolving doors. It's been real.

Good news is, they still have the horse ride!

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