SARTELL -- It won't be long until you can enjoy some live music by the lake in Sartell.

The city has wrapped up construction on their new performance patio behind the community center next to Lake Francis.

Mayor Ryan Fitzthum says while music may be one of its uses, the space is really designed for multiple functions.

We didn't want to go with a stage that is only used for music purposes. I envision this space as having tables where you can have lunch, a 5k could start and end here, the County Lights Festival can use this for when they do their event in December, so many uses.

Fitzthum says they still have some landscaping work to finish up. The patio also has a power source for musicians to set up a sound system and enough green space to sit about 1,500 people.

He says when the community center was built a key focus was to find other ways to emphasize the lake.

It's a multi-purpose facility. As I pulled in the parking lot I saw about 12 people walking around the lake. The property is a great setting for people to come out and enjoy the outdoors.

While the city doesn't have any concerts planned at the moment, Fitzthum says they have been approached by local business willing to sponsor a concert series.

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