SARTELL -- The new Sartell Public Safety Facility is fully operational.

Police officers and firefighters moved into their new location last month and continue to adjust to their new routine.

Police Chief Jim Hughes says it's incredible to occupy the new facility. He says one feature he's excited about is the larger evidence room.

This was greatly needed. In our old building we didn't have all this equipment. We had to make some of our own equipment because we didn't have the space to house a drying cabinet and other equipment for drugs and narcotics.

Other elements on the police side of the building include a safe room for domestic abuse victims, surveillance drop off area for online garage sale exchanges and a sally port and booking area.

At our old building we had to put an officer outside the holding area. Now we have a secure place to put them and they can be monitored by camera.

The 45,000 square-foot combination police and fire station was designed to have plenty of space for both individual departments, but multiple shared spaces like training rooms, break room and fitness center.

Fire Chief Jim Sattler says the functionality of their new space has been great.

We've had things scattered between three buildings, equipment on the apparatus floor. Now everything has a spot and will be put in its place.

Some key elements in the fire station include a training tower, more storage and updated technology.

When a call comes in it will give us the address of the call and show up on this screen in the truck bay. When a firefighter comes in and the address doesn't sound familiar, they can look at it and get a better idea it's location.

Sattler says they are also adding a new platform truck to their fleet, which will arrive next year.

The Public Safety Facility is located north of the Heritage Drive roundabout along Pinecone Road, just south of Walgreens.

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