The Sartell Police Department publishes their blotter to their official Facebook account. Recently, they notified the public that they responded to a call about a fox running around in the area.

On Tuesday, October 5 around 10:55 a.m. someone called dispatch to report a fox on the loose. According to their Facebook post, "Dispatch explained to the caller there wasn't much law enforcement could do for this kind of situation since the fox wasn't bothering anyone."

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The caller told police that they felt like the animal may have rabies because it was 'walking around strangely'. When police had asked the person what direction the fox was headed, the caller wasn't sure.

The police department did send an officer out to check the area for a period of time but they weren't able to find the fox in question.

Since being published online, the blotter has drawn comments from several members in the community.

Jody Hellzen Pasell wrote, "there are many fox that run through our area of Morning Star. They VERY rarely carry rabies and are good to keep the rodent population down. I enjoy seeing them run and play. In my opinion, people need to do a little research (google it!) before calling the police."

Kallie Castonguay hints that she may know who phoned in the call, "I can take a very educated guess who called the cops on a fox on 5th Avenue North".

Tracy Lee seemed to enjoy the blotter, posting a gif of a person dressed in a fox costume that's captioned, "what does the fox say?" It's a reference to the viral song by Ylvis called, "The Fox (What Does The Fox Say?)"

You can check out this week's Sartell Police blotter below.


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