SARTELL -- The Sartell City Council approved the proposed feasibility study improving Pinecone Road out to the site of the new high school.

SEH presented the council with the findings for the project during Monday's meeting.

The improvements include widening of streets, adding trails, and street lighting from 15th Street North to 35th Street along Pinecone Road. The designs also calls for roundabouts at the intersection of Pinecone Road and 27th Street North and Pinecone Road and 35th Street North and a 3/4 access at the high school entrance.

City Engineer Jon Halter says pedestrian and driver safety were taken into serious consideration when working on the study.

"Anytime you have a project like this, the high school adds to the safety concerns. So we've been working with closely with the city and school district in developing the preliminary stages of this plan with safety in mind."

Halter says they hope have final designs ready for approval this fall and to go out for bids by winter.

The total project is estimated at $6.1-million with construction expected to begin in the spring of 2018 with completion slated by November of 2019. .

Before the council can approve a final design, a public hearing needs to be held on the proposed study which is expected to take place at the July 10th meeting.