SARTELL -- During this time of staying home, the Sartell police department is remaining in contact with families online.

The department launched it's Virtual Community Outreach page last week.

Sartell Reserve Officer Karen Radi helps organize the page. She says Sartell officers wanted to bring a positive approach during this time of isolation.

One of the biggest things our police department stands for is community engagement, and this is just one way to maintain contact with our families throughout this difficult time.

She says unlike their Facebook Page, this page is designed for fun interactive actives.

Each week our activities will vary, most of our activities are interactive with our officers. We've had an overwhelming amount of interaction so far. It's made me very happy with the results.

Radi says at roughly 6:00 p.m. Monday's and Thursday's they will post a new video, activity or challenge for families to do. You're also encourage to share your projects or responses through email at

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