I always thought the city of Sartell was pretty cool.

The city will take a step back and further study what should make up a skate park for its residents, a project long overdue in the St. Cloud metro area.

City Administrator Patti Gartland says the Park Commission’s recommendation to the council was to form a committee made up of users, community members, and city staff, and research equipment choices, create a design and explore private fundraising.

The project idea surfaced when Mayor Joe Perske began pushing the plan recently and wanted the city to spend up to $30,000 on equipment.

He may have also realized the importance of the relatively new St. Cloud Skate Plaza.

Gartland says the park Commission also recommended that a Skate Park be placed at Pinecone Central Park and that the cost should be shared between the city and private donors.

There has been talk of a new skate park somewhere in the St. Cloud area for quite some time, now.  Mayor Perske would make a lot of new friends should he be able to get this done in Sartell.