Benton County Deputy Corey Willman and Sartell Police Officer Brennan Olson received a Life Saving award from the Sartell Police Department on Monday night.

Last year around 5:50 a.m. on May 24, Deputy Willman and Officer Olson responded to a call about a woman standing on the ledge of the Sartell Bridge without shoes on.

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According to a letter addressed to the two men from the Sartell Police Department, the woman was in severe distress, "she appeared to be speaking on her cell phone and would yell at both of you to get back as you were trying to ask her what was going on."

The two men were able block off the road with their squad cars and communicate with each other non-verbally to get the woman off the bridge.

While the woman was distracted talking to Deputy Willman, Officer Brennan made his move by running toward her, pulling her from the ledge to safety.

According to the letter, once the woman was in a safe place, she started screaming at the two men who kept telling her they just wanted to help her through her situation.

They were able to calm her down by the time the ambulance arrived on the scene.

In honor of their life saving effort, the letter continues, "both Officer Olson and Deputy Willman did an outstanding job thinking critically and quickly to deescalate and resolve a potentially deadly situation with no injury to the female or officers. The teamwork between you two was nothing but exceptional."

The letter is signed by Jim Hughes the Chief of Police in Sartell.

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