Native to Sartell, the band Guytano just released a brand new EP as well as a music video for their song "Please Say No".

Their EP, In Search of an Exit was just released everywhere on July 12th, and the official release party will be happening Thursday, August 1st at the legendary First Ave in Minneapolis.

Guytano is made up of four members:

Grant Hamilton on vox, guitar, and piano (he also writes and produces all the songs)
Eddie Hamilton on bass and synthesizer
Isaac Hesse on drums
Colter Benoit on guitar

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The band first met in 2010 while attending middle school in Sartell, where they started out covering punk rock songs. Eventually as they grew as musicians and song writers they found their signature sound of synth based pop/rock sound.

Staying true that sound, In Search of an Exit proves that with every release they continue to better their best. Just try not to have the hook of "Please Say No" stuck in your head after listening to it.

Hear you say,
Won't say no
Oh, to anything
I feel so insane
Just today,
Please say no

The EP wraps up with an upbeat radio edit of a previously released single, "Hold On To Something" that just sounds like windows down, driving as the sun sets on a Minnesota summer.

As of July 15th, Guytano just hit number #15 on the India Virial playlist on Spotify. They're making big moves just days after the release, and in the process of writing more music to be released later in 2019.

Tickets for the album release show are $10 in advance and $12 at the door. You can purchase yours here! And check out the new official video for "Please Say No", below!

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