A couple weeks ago I was joined in studio by local band from Sartell, Guytano. They came in to play me the new music they are working on and let me tell you, it was amazing. It still blows me away that three guys from right here in central Minnesota are making these songs that sound like they are coming from a huge record company in Los Angeles. The reality of it is that Grant, the lead singer, is writing and recording them from the basement of his home.


Their latest single "Please Say No" was released at midnight on June 3rd, and it has been on repeat for me since. And this is just the start for Guytano. They have a few other songs on deck to be released after "Please Say No", which they played for me when they were at Mix 94.9. From the conversation we had and from what I heard a lot of inspiration for the new songs are being drawn from a fellow Minnesota musician, Prince. There is one that is currently a demo that I cannot wait to have available for streaming and download. Guytano is making it easy on us to support local music, because when it's this good, it is easy to support. Listen to "Please Say No" on Spotify here, and download it from iTunes here! 

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