The movie that will go down in my books at the best romance movie ever, "The Notebook" was the scene of the recent wedding between Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively.

The two got married this past weekend at the Boone Hall Plantation in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. If you've seen "The Notebook", you know it was used as the summer home where Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling's characters met for their summer of love.

How cool would that be?!!? I've always told myself that if I EVER get married, I want it to be some place with a cool backdrop. The beach, meadow, some place for him and I to get lost in the moment together. This might be up there on my top places to get married list! Again, that is if I ever meet Mr. Right. Click here to check out pictures of the plantation.

The festivities were set up by one of Martha Stweart's teams.  "Martha Stewart Weddings" magazine will have a full spread on it in its December issue, even though the pair have yet to confirm they are married.

Would you get married on set that was used in a romance movie?

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