While Prince Harry was busy playing strip billiards in Vegas, he was also busy racing Ryan Lochte in a pool.

The race went down at about 3:00 A.M. on Monday at a club in Vegas.  Ryan and Harry both jumped in the pool with their jeans on, and took off doing the breast stroke. After the race, Ryan raised his arms in victory, and he and Harry hugged it out.  No surprise that Ryan won. But hey, when in Vegas and Lochte is next to you in the pool, would you pass up a chance to race? The New York Daily News has video of this. If you need to see it yourself, click here.

In other Lochte news, RadarOnline.com says he wants at least $750,000 to be the next "Bachelor"

A source says,

"Ryan's agents are getting besieged with offers and deals, everything from 'The Bachelor', his own reality show, and some overseas movies."

With everything you do, there are always pros and cons. A con: Ryan wouldn't be able to control how the show portrays him. After all, he doesn't want to tarnish his "all-American image."

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