Yesterday morning a break-in happened in Robbinsdale (about and hour south of St. Cloud), where numerous belongings, a vehicle, and a foster dog were stolen. The dog's name is Shermie, and he is a 3 month old boxer mix pup. The burglary happened on the 3900 block of Halifax Avenue North. Here is the information Ruff Start Rescue provided:


Yesterday morning, Ruff Start Rescue staff and volunteers awoke to hear news that one of our fosters had their home in Robbinsdale broken into. Numerous belongings were stolen, including a vehicle and one of our foster dogs - a 3 month old boxer mix puppy named Shermie.

We have been pushing his missing flyer, photos, and info out on social media, as well as had a few news stations pick up the story for their evening broadcasts last night. But today, we still have no leads or tips on Shermie's whereabouts - so we need to amp up our search efforts.

Shermie could be anywhere in Minnesota, and we're desperate to find him and get him back into rescue safely.

Keep an eye out this weekend and any information on the lost puppy can be sent to Kayla Knudsen Communications Manager for Ruff Start Rescue at 763.355.3981.

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