Kelly Cordes/Youtube

This past Saturday night, December 17th, my son Drew Howard and nephew Brody Cordes, decided to treat their family and friends to an experience. They rented out one of the Marcus Parkwood Cinema theatres, so that we could all watch Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, together.

Kelly Cordes/Facebook

As you can imagine, my sons, nephews, cousins...even my brother, are all Star Wars nuts. I don't know how it happened. They have every trivial pursuit Star War game since the beginning of time. They own lightsabers that cost as much as my monthly car payment, and of course, the garb.

For me, this was really a great holiday treat...seeing my whole family together, enjoying the movie, but more than anything, enjoying eachothers time...Smiling, laughing, and staying up all night for the Star Wars after party.

Kelly Cordes/Facebook

I think this is the start of a yearly tradition, as long as the Star Wars series continues, I'll know that there will be at least one time each year when we all get together.