Just because you are famous, doesn't mean you don't get left behind.

Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, Katy Parry, and Robert Pattinson were out this week getting ready to head to the opening of a new club owned by David Arquette. In Hollywood you hit up a hot spot first before an opening. That's what this crew did.

The four hit up Chateau Marmont first, and then on their way to Bootsy Bellows (David's Club) they all hopped into Bieber's Mercedes Minivan, Bus, whatever that big thing is. After Justin, Selena, and Katy got into the van, they shut the door! They left Robert Pattinson standing outside!! Well, sort of. The security crew was the one to shut the door on him! They eventually re-opened the door to let him in, but talk about embarrassing!

TMZ was there to witness this little hiccup. At least Robert seemed cool about the situation. And check out Biebs just running with all his might to get into the van and leaving Selena to make her way there solo with Katy a few steps behind. Oh Hollywood....what a crazy place it must be.

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