ST. CLOUD (WJON News) -- Road construction projects are starting to ramp up with the arrival of spring and Stearns County has some important ones on the schedule this summer.

Work continues on the County Road 75 bridge replacement project and County Engineer Jodi Teich says they've picked up a couple of weeks with the mild winter but it will still be the end of May before that opens up.

In a separate project, Teich says a new roundabout will be built by the Sartell Walmart on County Road 120 and with an improved configuration...

Those free right turns, so those outside turn lanes that approach it that turn into right turn lane only, do cause some confusion for some drivers. What happens them, is when you get the last minute lane shift or you get people kind of racing for pole position as they're approaching it. So, that roundabout could handle traffic more efficiently.

The project will start in mid-May and  be completed by mid-August.

A project in St. Joseph will be completed in two phases. The county will be making improvements to County Road 133 from County Road 75 to 15th Avenue. The first phase will be an extension of Elm Street to Northland Drive and a roundabout at Elm Street and County Road 133...

The city of St. Joseph was planning to extend Elm Street to the west and connect up with 4th Avenue (Northland Drive) where there's a signal at 75, and so we decided it was in everybody's best interest for economy of scale and for a lot of things to do those two projects together.

Once that phase is done, phase two will be construction on County Road 133 and a new turn lane from eastbound 75 onto 133...

We decided to do dual left turn lanes from 75 on to 133, but in order to do that we had to make 133 four lanes at least for a short distance.

The timeline for the road work is early June to late October.

Some other projects include County Road 12 between Richmond and St. Martin from late May into the fall, a three-month bridge replacement on County Road 7 in Fairhaven starting in June, County Road 69 near Georgeville, and County Road 160 between Cold Spring and St. Joseph starting after July 15th and continuing into late August.

There are a number of resurfacing projects also planned for this summer. They are County Road 23 near Farming, County Road 28 south of Sauk Centre, County Road 39 northeast of Freeport and County Road 191 west of Greenwald and north of Elrosa.





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