Reports are saying Rihanna has been put on a 24-Hour health watch and is on a strict curfew since having a meltdown backstage during Thanksgiving weekend.

Rihanna is currently on her UK leg of her Loud Tour and is apparently suffering from exhaustion.

"She's filming her 'Loud' tour DVD this month and her team is determined that she looks, acts and performs at her best."

Last month Rihanna had to cancel a show in Sweden because she was hospitalized with the flu. Doctors have even ordered her to slow down and to stop drinking.

She was even booed last week at the London O2 Arena.

"She didn't come on till 10, leaving the audience waiting an hour. She then got booed and her singing was rubbish. The show was unnecessarily raunchy and inappropriate. When we left halfway through the show, along with loads of other people, staff were handing out information on making complaints."

Sounds like a mix of working to hard and partying too hard. It's easy to get caught up in the limelight. You are a superstar and one might start to think they are unstoppable. You gotta take care of your body first and foremost. Without it you won't be performing and doing what you love.


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