From music to acting, perfume to now clothing, Rihanna wants you to know she has style. Or in some cases, she thinks she has style.

Yes, Rihanna herself with be executive producing a new fashion competition reality show for the Style Network. "Styled to Rock" will feature 12 "handpicked" amateur designers to compete against each other. The show will also have three mentors that will help guide them each week (we have no idea yet on who they will be). Rihanna is expected to make appearances, but she won't be on it regularly as a judge or host.

If you love to put together your own outfits by sewing pieces together or you think you have what it takes to be the next "IT" designer, they are accepting applicants to be on the show!! For more information, hit up

What do you personally think of Rihanna's style? I think it's a hit sometimes, but then a complete miss the next!

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