(WARNING--Video does contain adult language)

We're heading into severe weather season and this is a reminder of what NOT to do. Do you remember back in 2016 when a man from Holdingford named Jake Biniek caught footage of an actual tornado forming?

He followed the funnel cloud and filmed it with his cell phone. If you watch the video you'll notice that it looks like the funnel cloud almost touches ground several times while Biniek is filming. Eventually he's right under the tornado. It's crazy and you absolutely should NOT do this if you see a tornado. Biniek is very lucky he didn't get hurt. Do not try this at home.

Instead, if you're in your vehicle and do see a funnel cloud or tornado, here's what you SHOULD do according to the National Weather Service.

  • Get our of your vehicle as quickly as possible (many deaths happen when you stay in your vehicle or try to outrun it)
  • Seek shelter in a sturdy or permanent structure
  • Avoid bridges because they act as wind tunnels

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