It's crazy what sometimes will become an Olympic sport.  I'm still trying to figure out some of the events.  Curling it's still interesting to me as how it became a part of the Olympics.  Seems right up there with Broomball.  Why isn't that an Olympic sport?  Also the Biathlon, where you ski and shoot.  Although that one seems like it would be really difficult.  To be calm enough to shoot accurately, would be incredible after exerting yourself through the ski part of the event.

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Now, how about break dancing?  Do you remember back in the 80s with the Mountain Dew Breakin' Crew?  Bernick's sponsored the crew who would perform at various events around the St. Cloud area, and also during parades and just fun exhibitions.  They were fun to watch.  But then, after a few years, it just basically went out of style.  No one was doing that anymore...and now it's back. It's REALLY back.  Could wind up as part of the Summer Olympic games.

From CNN:


This sport started in Black and Latino communities in the US in the 1970s and while it lost popularity in the United States, it stayed alive overseas. It's here again with a vengeance and heading to the Paris 2024 Olympics.  

Is this something that you would watch?  Would you pay attention to it?  I feel like if they added this into the mix at the Olympics, what about other forms of dance?  Would that be a good idea, and is this where we are headed?  I guess you could look at the athletic ability during these events and that definitely plays into what is appropriate for the Olympics.

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