ST. PAUL -- A court-ordered redistricting plan is expected Tuesday because Republicans and Democrats at the Minnesota Legislature could not agree how to redraw legislative and congressional district boundaries to reflect the 2020 census.

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Hamline University's David Schultz says the most interesting to watch will likely be the 2nd Congressional District (southeast Twin Cities suburbs down the Mississippi to Wabasha):

"(Democratic U-S Representative) Angie Craig's district, which is clearly one of the most competitive congressional districts in the country,... there's possibilities that, with the right map, she could get more of the Twin Cities vote, more of what leans Democrat."

That's because the metro area population has grown more quickly than rural Minnesota.

And Schultz says boundary changes in the 2nd District could shift the balance in the adjoining 1st Congressional District:

"Representative (Jim) Hagedorn has won two very close elections and, with a change in the demographics in that district, again, shifting just a few thousand votes, moving the boundaries, could have a big impact there."

Schultz says other areas to watch: the 6th Congressional District (Republican Representative Tom Emmer) extending from the northwest Twin Cities suburbs to Saint Cloud... and the 8th Congressional District (Republican Representative Pete Stauber) extending from the Arrowhead, Duluth and the Iron Range to the far north exurbs of the Twin Cities.

This story is courtesy of the Minnesota News Network.


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