A 20-year old new to the area is looking for other musicians to start a band or just jam together.

A reddit user who guys by Twenty1One posted to the Minnesota reddit forum looking for other musicians, specifically in the metal genre.

"I'm possibly looking to find some people to hang out with and play music... I am a guitar player with a general interest in metalcore/post-grunge. Two bands that come to mind that 100% fit my style is Wage War and Breaking Benjamin. Would be cool to start a band, or something... Anyone in this area play music?"

Twenty1One goes on to share some of his musicianship skills and instrument specs, including that two of his guitars are "Schecter," he plays the drums a bit but isn't "too good," and that he enjoys writing music.

"I try to write a lot of music and riffs but it's rough when I don't have a band to bounce ideas off of and we could all make a collaborative effort to write a song."

If you know a young musician who might be a good fit, you can direct them (or their parents) to this link to reply.

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